Install the theme in just a couple of clicks

First know that all our websites are built with WordPress, so it is a must that you use WordPress as CMS (content management system).

1. Domain and hosting

For our themes to work, you need to have:

  • your domain registered
  • your hosting package ready
  • a fresh WordPress installation installed

If you need to get yourself a hosting package, we highly recommend Siteground. Siteground delivers high quality hosting, and an easy process to get it up and running. If you don’t have hosting, click the button below and grab your hosting package.

2. Download theme from our website

After you bought one of our themes, you will find a child theme file in your downloads tab on your account page. Download this zip file to your computer.

3. Install the theme

Firstly: On the website where you gonna import the theme. make sure you have a fresh WordPress installation installed.

Important note: When you bought a theme that requires premium plugins, you must first have those installed before importing the theme, otherwise it will fail.

Secondly: Install the free Kadence theme from the WordPress directory, but do NOT activate it. You only need this theme for the child theme to work. That’s why you download it, but don’t activate it.

Thirdly: Upload the child theme file that you bought via the themes directory and activate it.

Fourthly: Download the free Kadence Starter Templates pluging

Fifthly: Go to the Kadende Starter Templates plugin. You will see 3 logo’s. Click the logo that says ‘Bizzy Themes’. You will see a thumbnail of the imported theme. Click on it and hit the import button. That’s it, you are done after it is imported.

If something did not go well, you can always repeat the process.

4. Customize the website

Now that you imported the new website it is time to have fun. You can now make the website yours by changing the logo, the colors, the typography and all other content.

And don’t forget to change the admin email-address to yours. And also change the existing user account to your email-address