Affiliate terms agreement

By applying to become an affiliate, you affirm that you read and agree to every term.

Affiliate application

We review every affiliate application. Therefore we appreciate it that you fill in your information honestly. When we accept you as an affiliate, you will find your unique referral link in your affiliate dashboard, which you can use to promote Nofa Themes.

Affiliate payout

We payout the affiliate commission on a monthly basis, everytime for the prior month. It is important that you have a registered PayPal account to receive our payments. If you don’t have a PayPal account, we will not payout the commission. The minimum payout is $50, which in most cases is selling more then 2 or 3 themes via your referrel link, depending on the price of the theme.

You will be responsible to pay any and all taxes on your earnings.

Referral cookie lifetime

The cookie lifetime for a referred customer is 30 days, which starts when your referred customer clicks your referral link and visits our website. If the referred customer buys a theme within 30 days after the first visit on our website, the purchase will be attributed to you and it will added to your affiliate commission.

Some situations when we cannot link the referred customer to you:

  • when the referred customer uses another browser when he makes the purchase, other then the browser he used the first time. Because the cookie does not exist in the browser.
  • when the 30 days expired from the first time your referred customer visited our website

Things you should not do

  • use the referral link on your own purchases
  • use the referral link on coupon or deal sites
  • advertising false promotion discounts, unless we gave permission for it.
  • advertise a deal or sale, when there is no deal or sale active
  • sharing inaccurate information about Nofa Themes or our products

Abuse of the Nofa Themes Affiliate Program will result in non payment of the affiliate commission and removal from our affiliate program.


Nofa Themes reserves the right to terminate any affiliate account at any time, for any violations of this agreement or no reason.

Affiliate privacy policy

Your information that we collect through the affiliate program is used for managing affiliate accounts, making payouts and maintaining customer support. Your information is kept secret and will not be shared with anyone.