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Do you like our Nofa Themes and wanna earn some money promoting it? Become an affiliate and we will gift you 20% of every purchase made by your referrals.

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What to do

  • Promote us on Social Media
  • Write about us in blogs and articles
  • Promote us via Youtube videos
  • Send your affiliate link to subscribers

What not to do

  • Use referrals on your own purchase
  • Make use of coupon or deal sites
  • Falsely advertise us in any manner
  • Use dishonest tactics / promotions

FAQ About Our Program

For a healthy and long co-op, it is important to follow some guidelines so we both know what we can expect from each other.

How does it work?

When your application is accepted, you will have your own affiliate dashboard with a unique referral link. Use that link to promote us and receive 20% commission for every purchase that is made via your link.

Is there a minimum payout?

Yes! Our minimum payout is $50. If your referral commission is lower then $50 a month, you wont receive a payout for that particular month.

How do i get paid?

During your registration to become an affiliate, you fill in your PayPal email address where you will receive your payments on. We will pay you on that account, so make sure you will fill in your information as accurate as possible.

When i get paid?

We pay on a monthly basis in the first week of a month. If your commissions of the previous month passes $50, you will receive your payments then.

What is the maximum i can earn?

There is no maximum, the sky is the limit. The more clients you refer, the more you will earn.

How long will the client be attributed to me?

30 days. From the moment your referrel visits our website, a cookie will be placed. If the client buys within 30 days, we will attribute the client to you,.

Do you allow coupon sites?

No, we do not allow promotion on coupon or deal sites

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